Feng Shui Consultations


I offer an initial free fifteen to twenty minute phone consultation. We can discuss your goals and decide if this is for you. When you invite a Feng Shui consultant into your home or space you need to feel comfortable. Let's see if this feels right for you.

When you do book a consultation, we will first talk on the phone and discuss the areas, usually the top one to three, that you are wanting to improve in your life. Ideally, in advance of the actual consultation, I would get a floor plan from you (can be hand drawn). If not before, I can look at it when I come to you. It is very important that I see the overall layout of your space. Every consultation is unique, but generally it takes about two to three hours. I will start briefly explaining some core concepts, we will then walk around your space and I will give suggestions. Among the topics usually covered include clutter, furniture arrangement to increase the flow of chi, art, and healthy home/environment, including testing for EMF's (electromagnetic fields). I recommend you have a notebook to take notes. We will finish with a light space clearing. After the consultation, we will stay in touch in case you have any questions. 


If you do not live in the Los Angeles area, we can set up a time and do the consultation over phone or Skype. You would need to get me a floor plan (can be hand drawn) and pictures of your space. This can be very effective and is, in fact, how I experienced my very first consultation when I hired someone before I became a consultant.